Harmony of Power

As a leader in the field of power electronics, Sanrex aims to produce power conversion products with technological advancements suited for energy efficiency that benefits the expanding needs and the global environment.

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    Three Phase Bridge Diode Modules in Low Profile Package (17mm)
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    Lighting Ballast for Movie Theater Projectors
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    Power Semiconductor Modules
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    High Efficiency Photovoltaic Inverter Units
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    High Efficiency Wind Turbine Inverter Units


SanRex Power Discrete Semiconductors include Triacs and Thyristors (SCRs) that are highly reputed for excellent quality and performance, the result of years of experience. Based on SanRex's new diffusion technology, the new Tj=150°C Triacs, TMG-Q series increases Tj(max) from 125 to 150°C. and offers this extremely cool advantage. Discretes are used in a variety of applications in Home Appliances, Lighting Controls, Dimming, Air Conditioning (HVAC) & Heater Controls with other designs requiring a power solution. All SanRex discretes are RoHS compliant as a minimum standard of the ISO14001 environmental policy. SanRex fully supports the RoHS initiative.