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Sansha Electric and Panasonic Jointly Develop A Compact SiC Power Module

Sansha Electric MFG Co., Ltd. (Sansha Electric) and Panasonic Corporation (Panasonic) today announced that they have developed a very compact Silicon Carbide (SiC) power module together with highly efficient operation of power switching systems. The SiC power module has sufficiently good reliability and greatly helps to reduce the size of power switching systems such as industrial inverters and power supplies.

Panasonic’s original Diode integrated MOSFET transistor technology and Sansha Electric’s packaging technology help to realize a more compact SiC power module. The mounting area is reduced 30%* from conventional SiC power modules and the on-state resistance is reduced to 6mΩ (6m ohm) at 150A. The power module is able to realize longer term stability.

SiC is very promising due to its superior material properties and is expected to reduce the power consumption of various switching systems. These high power switching devices need to be packaged into a so-called power module in which multi transistors are integrated. The developed SiC power module is based on the following proprietary technologies.

1) Panasonic’s SiC DioMOS (Diode-integrated MOSFET) has the features of a reverse conducting diode without any external diode. The total chip area of SiC is reduced by half from a conventional SiC, which helps to reduce the total footprint of the module. The improved design of the DioMOS structure reduces on-state resistance to 6mΩ at 150A.

2) Sansha Electric’s Techno Block module technologies utilize solder bonding for the SiC chips without any wire bonding. This configuration reduces the height of the module by half from conventional ones as well as they can serve three times better endurance of power cycling tests.

The fabricated SiC power module integrates two SiC transistors into one package and achieves 6mΩ (6m ohm) . . of on-state resistance with a rating current/voltage of 150A/1200V. The total volume of the module is reduced by one third compared to a conventional SiC power module. These features together with good reliability enable very compact and highly efficient power switching systems.

These research and development results were presented at the exhibition “The Applied Power Electrics Conference 2015,” from March 15 to 19, 2015 (Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S).

*: In comparing the developed SiC power module with Sansha Electric’s conventional power module, GCA200EA60.


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