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Power Supplies

Since developing the Arc Power Supply for movie projectors in 1933, SanRex continues to develop and manufacture various kinds of Power Supplies employing cutting-edge technologies and innovations. Outstanding featured SanRex Power Supplies such as Plasma Welding Systems, Lamp Ballasts, Metal Finishing, Electrical Regulators, Ultrasonic Cleaners and DC Power Supplies for Plasma Heating, are widely used by our valued customers worldwide with the SanRex reputation for high quality products made in accordance with the International Standards of ISO9001 and ISO14001. As a leading manufacturer in Power Electronics, SanRex also encourages social and environmentally responsible policies that contribute to benefit the future of society all around the world.

Plasma Welding Systems

The SANPAW Plasma welding systems have many advantages over traditional automated TIG welding including increased productivity,
consistent arc starting, improved process control and reduced electrical emission interference.

These unique plasma welding systems are self-contained in a small package with a power supply, control console and Sequencer.

Our design reduces floor space and simplifies installation, making the initial price competitive with automated TIG systems while its increased productivity and repeatable performance allow it to pay for itself in a shorter period of time.

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Lamp Ballasts

Since developing arc power supplies for movie projectors in 1933, SanRex has been one of the largest manufacturers of lamp ballast power supplies in the world. Our products incorporate the latest technologies required for the Digital Cinema field.

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DC Power Supplies for Metal Finishing

Power sources play a vital role in metal surface treatment. In these processes, efficient and accurate control is essential to obtain the most desirable voltage waveform for each type of metal thus producing quality surface treatments.

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Electrical Regulators

Electrical furnaces stand in the spotlight among industrial furnaces because of their merit in producing a pollution-free environment with energy savings capabilities. Our high precision Thyristor power controllers, which we developed independently, produce great power for auto control of electrical furnaces. This shows the efficiency not shown with the past method and contributes greatly to the improvement of product quality and efficiency of productivity.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Superior rectification is essential in protecting electronic devices, optical devices, and precision devices such as semiconductor and print plates. SanRex Rectification systems offer the most suitable process to confront these needs.

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DC Power Supplies for Plasma Heating

SanRex large DC Power Supplies, up to 3MW, are widely used in Plasma Heating Systems for applications such as Ash Melting, Tundish Heating and Silicone production.

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Other Power Supply Equipment

As a leading manufacturer in the Power Electronics Industry, SanRex has variety of Power Supply Equipment to meet your requirements. Contact us to get for more detailed information on other SanRex Power Supplies. We believe that you can find a solution through our high quality products.

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