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SanRex Power Semiconductor Modules: in addition to our conventional offerings, Diodes, Thyristors (SCRs) and Triacs, new SiC MOSFET has been released as a new line-up. SanRex modules are all RoHS compliant as a minimum standard of the ISO14001 environmental policy. SanRex fully supports the RoHS initiative.

SiC Mosfet

A new SanRex Power Semiconductor family, featuring the latest technologies – DioMOS die and Techno Block package.

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The SanRex Rectifier, Fast and Soft Recovery and Schottky Diodes, come in a variety of packages and configuration from 800V up to 2200V ratings.

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Thyristors (SCR)

SanRex Thyristors are available up to 500A and proven to work in Ac Drives, UPS, and Phase Control Systems.

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SanRex TG triacs have a current rating of up to 70 A, 400 and 600 volts for Phase Control and Solid State Switching, Heating, and Lighting Controls, and Battery Chargers.

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SanRex Triacs, Thyristors, and Diodes are available in discrete packages. Our latest die, and package technologies introduce a junction temperature (Tj) of 150C max, and a Sensitive Gate option. Discretes are used in Phase Controls, and Solid State Switching for Industrial and Residential applications.