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DC Power Supplies For Plasma Heating

DC Power Supplies For Plasma HeatingDC Power Supplies For Plasma Heating

As a leading company in the power electronics field, SanRex has a unique opportunity to provide products that add value to society. Sanrex believes that its role is to produce products that will contribute to a more affluent society worldwide, while being environmentally conscious. SanRex strives to create a more comfortable global environment by creating products with both environmental and technological value.

SanRex’s large DC Power Supplies, up to 3MW, are widely used for Plasma Heating Systems in such applications as Ash Melting, Tundish Heating and Silicone production. Thanks to SanRex’s high frequency IGBT technology, SanRex DC Power Supplies for Plasma Heating Systems can meet the requirements of those applications which need precise, stable high DC power. These results are achieved not only in high performance but also easier operation and preventive maintenance. Based on our cutting edge technologies, delivery record and high reputation in this field, SanRex will continue to contribute to build products that promote a clean society worldwide.

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