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Lamp Ballasts

Electronic Lighting Ballasts Since developing arc power supplies for movie projectors in 1933, SanRex has been one of the largest manufacturers of lamp ballast power supplies in the world. Our products incorporate the latest technologies required for the Digital Cinema fields.

Digital Cinema screens have been increasing year by year worldwide. Based on SanRex’s cutting edge technologies in this field, our lamp ballasts feature a universal switching power supply for the lowest ripple, maximum performance and reliability. With output capacities up to 7kW, SanRex’s lamp ballasts are the most deployed Digital Cinema ballasts in the world.

Major features:

  1. Data communication equipment: Brightness of the screen, output power, voltage, current, etc. can be controlled externally using the data communication system.
  2. Wide input voltage range: By employing an input transformer tap, the units can be used worldwide (200 – 400VAC input).
  3. World standardized products: Certified world standards for noise and safety.
1kW, 2kW Xenon Ballast

1kW, 2kW Xenon Ballast

 7kW Xenon Ballast

7kW Xenon Ballast

Ballast for Light Exposure

Ballast for Light Exposure

Specification of Major Line up for Xenon Ballasts

  1000W 2000W 3000W 4000W 7000W
Control Method Constant Current Constant Current Constant Power Constant Current Constant Current
Rated Output Current











Rated Output Voltage 19V 25V 30V 32V 39V
Rated Input

Single Phase

200-240V, 50Hz / 60Hz

Three Phase

200-208V / 380-415V, 50Hz-60Hz

Approximate Size (Except Fan, Terminals and Ignitor)


360(W) x 250(D) x 110(H) 290(W) x 420(D) x 177(H) 515(W) x 360(D) x 130(H)
335(W) x 360(D) x 230(H)
500(W) x 330(D) x 355(H)
Ignitor Separated Module

Print Specification Grid

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