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Electrical Regulators


Network Conformance, High-performance Unit

Electrical Regulators UF-3 Series

UF-3 Series

SanRex Thyristor Power Regulators are widely used in various fields with high maneuverability and reliability. Thanks to SanRex’s outstanding technology of semiconductors including Thyristors developed and manufactured by ourselves, SanRex Thyristor Power Regulators have been well accepted in all markets of the world. The high-performance “UF series” developed by our long-standing expertise, incorporates our own Thyristor modules (insulating type) in the main circuit. Its features are compact and light-weight. Multiple units are mounted in a control panel, resulting in improved packaging density. The unit achieves outstanding performance by employing a digital control system, various protective and optional functions. General-purpose SPU series models are also available with high control performance.

Designed for Open Field Network

Electrical Regulators UF-1 Series

UF-1 Series

As a pioneer of the industry, SanRex designed a feature of open network communications, such as DeviceNet. Thanks to this outstanding function, the unit can be interconnected with computers, PLCs and other control devices, and can be readily matched up with mechanical systems. Complicated jobs such as writing programs using specific communications by RS232C interface can be eliminated. Special PC boards are also not required for this outstanding function. (Some models are not applicable for this function.)

SanRex UF and SPU Series Power Regulators support the following industries:

  • Aircraft
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Automobile
  • Electronic
  • Plastic
  • Biomass
  • Fuel cell
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